We are six partners from different countries of Europe. The countries of the schools partnering in this project are

Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey, Germany, Estonia

When schools tell students to put technology away, it's like asking a doctor to save a life with one hand tied behind his back. As it is mentioned in the saying of Matt Miller, today's world is full of technology and it plays an important role in education, too. We have to realize that students are not the students of our generation where they sit and listen. Things have changed now, they have new toys such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. The methods and techniques in teaching need to keep up with the requirements of the modern world and find new, motivational strategies.

The digital storytelling technique is one of the activities which has started to be used by innovative teachers nowadays. The researchers state that students can learn more easily by digital storytelling techniques. We have realized that many students and teachers are unfamiliar with this concept. As a result, we have decided to choose the digital storytelling technique as the main theme of the project.

We are six partners from different countries of Europe.


This project is funded by European Union.

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